Bored of World of Warcraft?

Bored of World of Warcraft WoWThe world of Azeroth has thrilled and entertained me for many years. In the early days, I stayed up until the early hours of the morning and then woke up extra early to cram a couple more hours in before work (Being nearly thirty now means I have nowhere near the energy levels needed for that type of thing anymore). I was surprised at just how bored of World of Warcraft  I am.

World of Warcraft’s Cataclysm has been out for a little over two months, and this time around it just hasn’t captured me like the other add-ons did. What could have possible happened in these 2-3 months that could have deadened my enthusiasm so effectively…?

Every time my enthusiasm takes a nose dive I notice one or more of the below signs.

  • I don’t play through any new content, World Events etc.
  • I create multiple new alt characters and not level any of them to high level.
  • I have no interest in doing the end-game Heroic Dungeons.

I’ve seen all the above many times before at various stages of my WoW history but on every one of those previous occasions, they’ve shown up in the last preceding months before a new add-on or major patch is released and disappeared just as quickly as soon as they are released.

So are we to assume that I am just bored of the World of Warcraft game itself? If I was bored with the game then surely I just wouldn’t play it all, not a watered down alt-levelling version of it. Has World of Warcraft become dull then? Again it’s possible but not likely, two months after the biggest patch ever released and the content hardly even touched. It’s not very likely.

Yeah, It would be easy to try to blame all of this on a deteriorating game or a stagnating idea but I won’t. As I am starting to realise, a lot of the increase in my general disillusionment is down to me. I suspect that I have just got lazy and dependant on all the content I could race through and complete without actually putting any effort or time in.

“A lot of the increase in my general disillusionment is down to me.”

I’m ashamed to say it but writing this post has shown me just how hypocritical I can be on the subject. Before Blizzard released  Cataclysm I was moaning and whining about how simple and straightforward the content was; how it took no skill what-so-ever and how I harked back to those good old days of 40 man raids in vanilla World of Warcraft because “they provided so much more of a sense of achievement”. Now Blizzard has given me exactly what I was looking for and I complain again by saying “that I don’t have time to put the work in to get the reward”.

There are other things. I grew very comfortable with Azeroth itself. I knew every square inch of that place. I could direct people around the lands of Azeroth better than I could my home city. Then in one fell swoop they took it all away. I had to learn everything again. Which adds a further level to my hypocrisy. I complained that the game had nothing new to show me and then complained again when they changed everything and I didn’t recognise what was once so familiar.

Writing this post has shown me just how conflicted my mind is about the topic. My brain wants me to believe that World of Warcraft has changed for the worse, that like so many other seemingly unstoppable juggernauts that it’s the start of a downward spiral leading to it’s demise.


“Although, the spoiled brat in me is resentful of having to actually work and earn my rewards.”

I’m not gonna throw in my totems right away. Every sweeping game change deserves a fair go, before I make my final decision. In fairness a lot of the negative feelings I have on this, are a reflection of feelings that I have read or heard from others. It’s easy to be sucked into a negative vibe, so before I make a final decision one way or the other I’ll put in the time required in and fully experience the new game as I should.

World of Warcraft has been arguably at the top of the MMO genre for six years? Are cracks starting to show in it’s previously goliath-like appeal? Or, like me are players struggling to come to terms with the new ‘less spoon-fed’ approach to it’s difficulty and unfamiliar lands and concepts?

Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin is a freelance writer, living in Derby UK with his wife. When time allows he likes nothing more than losing himself in a multi-hour gaming session. He likes most games and will play anything but prefers MMO's, and sandbox RPG's.

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