Many things have changed for gaming over the past thirty or so years. Consoles and computers have become infinitely more powerful, games have moved on from using a long rectangle to bat a square across a white line, to games with life-like visuals and epic storylines that I suspect fairly soon there’ll be Oscar categories for. However, one change in […]

Death of the Arcades

Red Blood Drift Screenshot 1 (2)
If you’re looking for a game that takes the thrill of drift and pushes it into your face, then you may be interested in ‘HotBlood Drift’ an indie game from Mobile indie game developer WANGMUL that launched recently. In the land of ‘HotBlood Drift’ the track is installed up in the sky. So if you think you can burn around […]

HotBlood Drift Released

The Flock Logo White Survival Horror
Every video game has some level of obsolescence built-in. No developer expects their game to last forever. Even games like World of Warcraft have an expiry date on them. The Flock, Vogelsaps first-person asymmetrical multiplayer horror game takes this concept and makes a feature of the game out of it. The Flock is a game with obsolescence at its core. […]

The Flock, Diminishing Returns?

Gunscape Logo title heading
Blowfish Studios sat down and wondered what it would be like if there was a game with the world building properties of Minecraft all squashed together with the elements of a first person shooter. Then they stopped thinking about it, and started to code it. Well, it’s all done and it will be ready to be released on Xbox One, […]

Gunscape, A World-Building FPS

video game cat gamer video games playing
My last what am I playing post was written all the way back at the start of May, and in these three months things have shifted, games I couldn’t put down three months ago have made way for new games that have now piqued my sometimes insane enthusiasm. So what exactly have I been playing at then? 5 World of […]

What Am I Playing Now, then?

Batman Arkham Origins Game Case PC 1
Right, I know that this review is a little late, seeing that Batman Arkham Origins was released in the UK during October 2013. However, after spotting this beauty in a Steam sale for around £3.70, I couldn’t resist. I snapped it up and jumped back into the comic-book, Gothamy goodness. I wasn’t sure what I was expected. I’ve got both […]

Batman Arkham Origins Review

Chariot Wars Racing Game Steam Romans
If you cast your mind pack a few days you may remember me posting about a Roman Chariot racing game called Chariot Wars. Chariot Wars is a racing game in which you pit your chariot against some of the greatest chariot racers of Ancient Rome for gold and the glory of Rome. Well, good news. Due to the always impressive […]

75% Off Chariot Wars in Steam Sale

Now I’ve replaced my clanking old iPhone 4s with a new, and considerably larger iPhone 6+ my gaming scope has increased, and I have been trying to make full use of it over the past few days. I’ve downloaded more games, and now they don’t stutter and drain the battery, I can give them a fair whack. Ultimately, what I’m […]

Best Mobile Games to Try

Armello logo sign white title
Funding a video game can be an expensive business. Large software companies can pump millions into a release, with massive budgets being bounced around to get that perfect game. But what do you do, if you’re an indie developer with fantastic ideas but not the funds to back them up with. Well, that’s where Indie-Fund comes in. According to their […]

New Indie-Fund Picks up Armello

Warlords of Draenor logo WoW World of Warcraft
Warlords of Draenor has been out for a long time now, well a long time I gaming months, and apart from the odd post, about quitting World of Warcraft I’ve been quiet on the subject. Well, I’m back playing it now (well who actually thought my abstinence would last?) and there are some changes that I think, if made, would […]

Warcraft Garrisons and how I’d change them