Fallout 4 Title Screen
Fallout 4 has been out for a few weeks now. Is it a few weeks? It feels like it, but time can go so quickly when you’re wandering the Boston nuclear wasteland, scavenging for adhesive and fending off super-mutants and mole rats. I’m not going to lie a lot of things in Fallout 4 are very recognisable, VATs, the enemies, […]

Fallout 4 Unexpectations

Fallout 4 Title Screen
The release of Bethesda’s smash sequel Fallout 4 last week, has taken up every bit of spare time I have. Fallout 4 is much bigger than all of its predecessors, and there is so much to do and many ways in which to do it. Fallout 4 is so big and so really-rather splendid, that you should be lucky I’ve […]

My Top Ten Fallout 4 Hints and Tips

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Fallout 4, the latest in the franchise is due to be released tonight at midnight for PC, Xbox1 and PS4. While I wait, impatiently, lactating at the prospect of more wasteland RPG goodness, I thought it would be good to look back over the last two games and compile my insanely brief list of what is it about them that makes […]

Fallout My Favourite Bits

  The past few posts have been about Hearthstone, so there’s no reason to change that. But rather than discuss my favourite cards or strategies, I’m going to talk about why I hate playing against mages and what it is about the spell-slingers that bug me so much. Firstly, it’s worth saying that I don’t have anything against the people […]

Hearthstone Mages bug me?

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A few days ago, I let you know which of the Hunter Hearthstone cards are the ones I simply have to use, and today it’s the Shaman’s turn. The Shaman, Master of the Elements, and totem-flinger extraordinaire gets its chance to step into the limelight. Most shaman decks are packed full of elemental energy and totems, and in my opinion […]

My Top Five Shaman Hearthstone Cards

Hearthstone Hunter Rexxar Banner
Ah Hearthstone, thank you for getting rid of the time on all those pesky bus journey’s to work. I don’t know what I would have done without you. Well, ok. Maybe I would have found another game, but then I’d have to leave Azeroth in some form, and that clearly isn’t happening. I play Hearthstone quite regularly, I’d say about […]

My Top Five Hunter Hearthstone Cards

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Adventure Capitalist. Ah, If only making real life money is that easy. Well, not for everybody of course, just for me otherwise inflation will be insane. Sorry, you’re probably wondering what I’m talking about. Well, it’s a game I stumbled over on the Apple Store called Adventure Capitalist, a simple and addictive little game that can have you making sextillions […]

Adventure Capitalist Mobile Game Review

Isn’t it amazing how things can sometimes line up rather surprisingly? Specifically, in World of Warcraft and probably other MMO’s too, but random drops and dailies and other unconnected things just seem to lie down and let you call them their bitch for a while. I, like a great many more people I would think, have been trying to get my […]

Wow Double Achievement Ding

Now that the new expansion has been announced, and while we’re all fervently waiting to roll our new Demon Hunter or craft our artefact weapon, we need to make sure that we make the best out of the content we already have. So, what do I recommend? I hear you all cry out in a tone that might be a […]

World of Warcraft, World of Wait-Craft

Deus Ex PC Box Art 1
Occasionally I like to have a wonder through the Search Queries for this site, just to have a look what brought you here. Then, and with purely benevolent intentions, I like to help by providing you even more information. This is all in the hope that others may be brought here to revel in my shiny gaming goodness. So, what […]

Search Queries that Brought you here?