World of Warcraft – Farewell for Now

Worlf of Warcraft Pandatian Hunter Bye See YaAh, the Wow lull. That feeling of boredom that sweeps over me a certain period of time after a new World of Warcraft add-on is released is as familiar to me as the excitement over a new patch.

It’s happened several times before, and in fact there have even posts about it here and here. I don’t exactly race to the end, but I get there and make steady progress with all but the raiding bit. This is usually down to time, I just don’t have time to raid, and even when i do there’s no guarantee I want to waste what little time I have in a queue.

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It’s My ZergID Party, and I’ll Cry if Want to

ZergID over 9000 League of LegendsYou’ve probably heard me mention ZergID before. There has been the odd press release I’ve posted about.

Well, in short it’s a rather fast growing social network for MMO and MMPORG gamers. It was designed to help make grouping and socialising easier. You know, rather than trying to hunt down the details for those mates you found online you can join ZergID and the process gets a whole lot easier.

Well, they’ve released a new function on ZergID that gives you the ability to organize group play sessions that can be joined by everyone enrolled in the social network. To further prove the capabilities, over 9,000 gamers attempted to join one fan League of Legends session.

Well, the beta for this new feature is available to everyone. This is good news if you do have 8,999 mates you’re dying to team up with.

The press release below has a lot more information, and there is very little point in repeating it word for word.

Don’t be afraid to head the official ZergID website for even more info.

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Hand of Fate Review

Hand of fate logo titleI’ve mentioned Hand of Fate, the game that takes a card game and a traditional rpg and squashes them together, a couple of times before right here on Zombiechimp and now I’ve got my hands on a copy.

The premise of the game is that each level is generated by way of a deck. Half of the cards have been added by you and the other half by your mysterious opponent. Each level consists of traveling down a path of randomly chosen cards, turning each card over reveals the cards nature. Some cards give you weapons or armour, others will activate a combat event or a dangerous situation. Each card you turn gets you closer to fighting the big bad guy at the end of the level. Successfully completing the level will unlock more cards that you can use in the next level.

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Windward Setting Sail in Q2

Windward logo sandbox sail game I have never played a boat or ship related computer game. Of course they have featured in huge amounts of games, but never as the main part. How did I avoid them for so long? It’s probably because out of all the modes of transport they don’t really scream excitement?

However, Tasharen Entertainment hope to change all this with their new sandbox game Windward, heading towards PC, Mac and Linux in Q2 2015.

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What am I Playing at…?

So, as a 30+ gamer, with a soul-crushing, mind destroying job that steals 60 hours of my week, what games do I deem are worthy enough to fill those spare few hours a week? Not many, in fact I can usually get it to five at any given time. Playing any more than five different games  and the experience is spread too thin, and no progression is made on any of them and the whole thing just feels wasted. Continue reading

Mekazoo, Animal Platform Romp Heading your Way

Mekazoo logo title Hands up if you remember a game called The Lost Vikings? Well you should. After all it’s a classic. Well The Lost Vikings was a Super Nintendo game released in the early nineties. The premise being that you had three Vikings each with different skills, and you could switch between them to solve puzzles. Eric could run and jump, Baelog had a bow, Olaf could block enemies etc.

So why am I telling you this. Well, firstly The Lost Vikings is one of the earlier games I could remember playing so there’s a place for it in my heart, and secondly because the concept is similar to the idea behind Mekazoo a 2D platformer that will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U and PC in Quarter four of 2015. Continue reading

Nebulous, Space Puzzle Madness

Nebulous logo title opening screenImagine if you will, if you cross Mouse Trap (The board game of course not the Agatha Christie Murder) with space travel. It’s a difficult combination to imagine I know, but that Namazu Studios have managed it, and squashed it all into a game called Nebulous.

In Nebulous, you take on the role of Commander Johnson (tee hee Johnson, cough, cough Sorry) who after being sucked into a wormhole that bizarrely is filled with maze like puzzles, and enough bits and bobs of technology like bumpers, blocks, ramps and springs to help you solve it. Continue reading

PoxNora, New Ronin Expansion Released

PoxNora Title logo screenSometimes in the modern gaming world of big budget MMO’s like World of Warcraft, Eve Online, and Elder Scrolls Online it can be easy to forget just how loyal players can be to other MMO’s; MMO’s that have run nearly as long, with an equally impressive fan-base, and those games plough on delivering great content to its players month after month, year after year. MMO’s like PoxNora.

PoxNora, an MMO that blends a turn-based strategy game with a collectible care game and wraps it all up in a little fantasy bow. You build your deck or battle-group from the 1600 (yes 1600) available cards or runes, and then go forth and kick some fantastical arse. Continue reading

A Stellar Performance

Stellar LogoI’ve just heard news about Stellar, a rogue-like space shooter featuring 2D and 3D dog-fighting that y’all may be rather interested in.

Kurt Hollowell, CEO, Dog Eat Dog Games the developers behind Stellar says “Like many of my generation I grew up playing 2D space shooters. I love the engaging 3D experiences modern space games provide, but miss the dynamic combat of the classics,” Continue reading